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Trails & Maps

biketrail-prescottBoots? Check. CamelBak? Check. Sun-block? Check. Now all you need for an outdoor odyssey of trail trekking around Prescott is a suitable collection of maps, and we've got you covered. The Mile-High Trail System contains approximately 68 miles of trails, including Rails-to-Trails projects along the former Santa Fe Railroad, the Prescott Circle Trail System, and the Greenways Trails System. The Prescott Circle Trail is a network of trails that continues to expand, and which will eventually encircle all of Prescott. The Greenways Trails are urban trails along Granite and Miller Creeks that run through downtown Prescott. Click here for a collection of detailed maps.

The Yavapai County Geographic Information Systems team has created an interactive mapping website that provides a comprehensive inventory of outdoor recreation sites and tourism information, including events happening in Yavapai County.

If you're traveling to Prescott and would like to see what other outdoor recreation opportunities there are in the area, have a look at this detailed tool. For assistance with navigating the site, be sure to click the "Help" menu at the top of their page.




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