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Partners, we’ve created this toolkit for easy access and direction to the tools you need in the destination marketing space. Feel free to use the logos on your website to show our partnership in promoting Prescott as a must-visit destination. Other items on this page are for your reference, knowledge, and hopefully, your toolkit to help you promote your business.

Please keep us informed with updates about what you have happening, new, different, and noteworthy to share with the domestic and international visitor considering a stay in Prescott.

Marketing & Advertising, Strategic Recovery


Partners, thank you for your support of the Visit Prescott Tourism Office. We have set the goal to be even more engaging on social media this fiscal year and we need your help. We would like to invite you to submit your content to us monthly. Here are the criteria to follow when submitting your content:

  • Please avoid first person language: “I, we, us, ours.”
  • Limit content to 250 characters.
  • Submit an image that is engaging and appealing. Avoid sending advertising materials with text, logos, and wording on the image. Think social: pictures speak more than a thousand words on social.
  • Provide a link, contact information, and full details.
  • Feel free to share any press, awards, accolades or features you receive.
  • The Prescott Tourism Office does reserve the right to alter text and omit items if needed.

Your content will be shared on the Visit Prescott Facebook page and Instagram account when the schedule allows and we will email you the date and time it will publish.

Please submit content to


August – October: Fall Feels & Local Brews

November – January: Holiday Action, New Year’s Resolutions

February – April: Trip Planning, Spring Break

May – July: Summer Fun


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Visit Prescott Logos & Shareable Videos

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In Prescott there are several main calendars that locals and visitors look for event information on. Entries on the calendars for non-city coordinated events require self-submittal.   Attached are instructions on how to submit your events and happenings to these calendars.  We recommend submitting your information to the three calendars on the sheet attached for broader and consistent promotion.

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