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Entertainment and Nightlife in Prescott, AZ.

Once upon a time, Whiskey Row (the 100 block of South Montezuma Street in Prescott) was a hotbed of social activity where dusty cowboys could enjoy a drink, some amiable company or a card game. Indeed, Whiskey Row was so named for the more than 40 saloons that populated that area of downtown. Whiskey Row was rumored to have been located a couple blocks to the west of its present location prior to 1877. It was supposedly moved, at the insistence of some residents, due to revellers having to cross a foot bridge over Granite Creek to return home. During the monsoon season, when the normally shallow creek would swell with rain, some of the more inebriated patrons would fall into the creek and drown. On July 14, 1900, a fire destroyed much of Prescott's business district, including the Burke Hotel, whose claim to fame was "the only fire-proof hotel in Arizona." An effort to rebuild was underway in only a matter of days, and the newly constructed buildings--most of which were completed between 1900 and 1905--utilized brick and masonry. Today, whiskey Row is still a vibrant center of activity in downtown Prescott, and while the number of saloons has decreased greatly from a century ago, you'll be at no loss to find a great place to eat, to view exemplary works of art, or to simply cool your heels and people-watch. And while Whiskey Row is considered a battery of social energy in Prescott, you'll find a great variety of interesting places and things to do throughout the city, all with their own distinct flavor and charm. The July/August issue of AAA Highroads magazine listed Whiskey Row as one of the "Top 25 Urban Places to Visit" in Arizona. That publication is counting down 100 of the best things to see and do in the state, as part of the upcoming State Centennial in February of 2012. Whiskey Row came in at number 10. View the article online by clicking here. You won't be at a loss for finding live music in Prescott--from jazz to country and everything in between. We have over 20 venues that offer live music, most without a cover-charge. Following is a listing of venues known for their live entertainment and friendly atmosphere. Plan your trip to Prescott now!

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